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Google Mini and Search Appliance Hosting

We provide a completely managed service, from initial setup and installation through to the point of delivering your first search results. With our Google Mini hosting (colocation) service you can have your Google Mini or Google Search Appliance delivered direct to our offices where we will configure it for you, and install it in one of our racks in the UK.

In addition to the physical security, your Mini or GSA will share in the all-important air cooling that covers all our servers.

We host (colocate) both version 1 and version 2 Google Mini's and can readily coordinate a replacement server from Google in the event that your machine fails (incurs an additional installation fee rather than being incorporated in our monthly hosting fee).

One-off installation fee £250 + vat. Monthly hosting (colocation) fee from £75 + vat.

Please call us on 01273 900840 to discuss our service in detail.

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